Turn up the heat this summer with the hottest products. As summer rolls around the corner, so does another opportunity to up your promotional products game with trendy products designed to build brand recognition and create lasting impressions. Festivals, sporting events, company picnics and more are on the horizon. Summer-inspired items can make a name for your brand even after the season’s close. Outdoor events like barbecues, picnics and

  Small businesses give your community life. There are more than 29.6 million small businesses in the U.S., employing nearly 48% of the nation’s workforce. But, when it comes to shopping, small businesses are often overlooked for the wrong reasons. When you buy local, you create a ripple effect of positivity and wealth, both of community and of actual money. Not only this, but local and small business owners are

April is National Volunteer Month. How are you observing? Volunteerism is a cornerstone of America. It’s a process that not only keeps this country going, but instills important values in us, often from a young age. The act of giving back is just good for the soul. Don’t take my word for it. Studies have shown that those who volunteer regularly report themselves as happy far more often than those who don’t. Helping someone in

  Grow Your Brand this Earth Day This Sunday is Earth Day, so you know what that means! Or maybe you don’t. But don’t worry, by the end of this post, you’ll not only know what it means, but also what it means for your brand. Each year on April 22nd, we Earthlings take a little time to celebrate this wonderful planet we inhabit, and the beginnings of the national

Bold is back in a big way. Warmer weather is finally starting to arrive and it’s bringing with it a bright new trend that you’re sure to start seeing everywhere. Forget florals, because the use of bold, saturated color palettes aptly dubbed “paintbox colors” is the spring style that’s taking over runways and street sidewalks alike. Spotted on the SS ’18 fashion runways from the likes of Marc Jacobs, Versace

  Show your genuine appreciation for those that give to your organization. Your facility performs essential functions for your community every day. That work wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of your donors. Demonstrate your thanks for their continued support and foster relationships with elevated appreciation events, such as galas, fundraisers or retreats. As an organization, it’s important to build meaningful relationships with those in your community, but especially those

Tee up your promotional merchandise for golf season. Spring has finally sprung and with it comes additional opportunities to spend time outdoors promoting your brand, particularly involving leisure activities, like golf. And with reports from the National Golf Foundation revealing that there are nearly 30 million golfers in the United States alone, there’s no shortage of impressions that can be had from sponsoring or attending golf events. While compelling alone,

What does community engagement mean to you? Your community can encompass many things. From your family and friends, to those that live in your larger area and even coworkers, associates and others, your community is unique to you. These are the people that engage with your business every day, the impressions that will make the biggest impact and have the most ROI. That’s why it’s so important to create a

Happy Tradeshow Season! It’s that time of year again. With tradeshows and sales meetings afoot, it’s time to start thinking about participating in large-scale networking and educational events like these. However, these events can be expensive and time-consuming. You probably find yourself asking, is it even worth it? The short answer: yes. Here’s three reasons why:   1. Tradeshows offer incredible face-to-face marketing opportunities Let’s face it: when it comes

Show your appreciation with creative gift sets for your employees. In today’s workplace, being overworked and underappreciated has unfortunately become the new normal. And with demands for more time and effort ever growing, employees are feeling increasingly underappreciated in the workplace. This lack of recognition can lead to high turnover rates, which can be detrimental for any organization. According to one study, 55 percent of workers would leave their current