The current generation of hometown businesses can’t rely on the success of past generations. New challenges mean new tactics and rethinking business operations. “If you’re coasting along, relying on that small town monopoly, your days are numbered,” says Becky McCray, who blogs on Small Biz Survival. “That new competitor in town is a wake-up call.” People are willing to travel to nearby towns for larger product selection. Additionally, online shopping

Measuring Your Promotional Products Success Throughout the Customer Journey Measuring marketing initiatives isn’t always black and white. It requires quite a bit of interpretation, and they usually take several steps before lining up with actual sales dollars. This isn’t always quickly accepted by organization leaders who are looking for results driven initiatives, making it even more burdensome to you to prove why the strategies suggested at the beginning of the

Marketing Initiatives by the Numbers Global ad spending continues to rise, as reported by eMarketer, 2017 overall paid media spend will increase by 7% to $584+ billion. And with this increased spend, businesses across all industries can expect a continued surge of competition in their markets as more businesses are capturing the attention of your current and prospective customers with these large marketing budgets. Why allocate budgets to marketing initiatives?

Red means stop. Green means go. Blue for boys and pink for girls. Color plays an integral role in our lives from very early on. Whether or not you’ve actively thought about it, you’ve been influenced by color in some way or another throughout your life. That’s quite clear. It might color you surprised, though, (pun intended) to learn about how color even goes through phases of popularity based on


Oct 2017

Making Headlines

“On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy.” -David Ogilvy. Let’s face it: writing isn’t an easy thing for everyone (present company excluded). Writing headlines can be even more of a challenge. But, a good headline can make or break engagements with your article, post or whatever it may be that you’re promoting. It sets the tone for the rest of the

Program Members are Exclusive Members Membership programs, such as industry associations or consumer-based businesses like Costco and Sam’s Club, have been around for a long time. And in the past few years these service model relationships have continued to grow and expand, even taking over or enhancing benefits like loyalty cards and rewards programs. Finding a balance between differentiating the offering and maintaining a profit line can be a struggle

In all things, the first impression can make or break an opportunity. Whether it’s building a new relationship with an individual, starting a business opportunity. And there are so many opportunities for a first impression to be made, it’s almost impossible to keep track of them all. But how can you ensure that you are optimizing those crucial moments as often as possible? Employee Networks Many times the most important

Non-profit organizations depend on donors to achieve greatness. And as a nonprofit, your organization is the voice of the recipient. Develop a collection of gratitude gifts for your donors and open it up to the public to vote on their favorites. Experience the Appreciation Help show your thanks for their commitment to your cause each year with experiential marketing. Events like these create the unique opportunity to show your thanks

Who are they? Who are millennial customers? And what, exactly, do they want? Businesses everywhere have posed these questions and brainstormed ad nauseam, as millennials continues to dictate trends and spending habits. According to Accenture, the roughly 80 million millennials in the U.S. spend approximately $600 billion on shopping. Doesn’t that seem like a number your business wants to be a part of?   Millennials are worth the challenge. Predicting

Think Long Term and Build Employee Loyalty With employee retention rates declining, maintaining an established, loyal employee base is a concern for employers. In the past, employers could count on an employee’s company lifetime lasting upwards of 10 years. Employees were often seen to work for promotions and achieve great successes within an organization. Recently, however, employee loyalty has been changing. Nowadays, employees are more likely to get pay increases, improved


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