Who are they? Who are millennial customers? And what, exactly, do they want? Businesses everywhere have posed these questions and brainstormed ad nauseam, as millennials continues to dictate trends and spending habits. According to Accenture, the roughly 80 million millennials in the U.S. spend approximately $600 billion on shopping. Doesn’t that seem like a number your business wants to be a part of?   Millennials are worth the challenge. Predicting

Think Long Term and Build Employee Loyalty With employee retention rates declining, maintaining an established, loyal employee base is a concern for employers. In the past, employers could count on an employee’s company lifetime lasting upwards of 10 years. Employees were often seen to work for promotions and achieve great successes within an organization. Recently, however, employee loyalty has been changing. Nowadays, employees are more likely to get pay increases, improved

Consider Custom Apparel If you’re looking for a promotional product that your audience will love and something that will generate tons of impressions, consider custom apparel. People love receiving free t-shirts! But you don’t have to limit yourself to just t-shirts. There are many options out there for promoting your brand on apparel. Check out these ideas!   Performance Gear: Watch Your Brand Perform Take your brand to the next

What Makes an Amazing Online Shopping Experience? Whether we’re shopping for shoes, electronics, books, clothing, real estate, flights, higher education, promotional products or our dream cars, the best online shopping experiences are about easy access to information. We love the power that online shopping has given us, and that has created a demand for even more information. Now we expect to have access to every little detail, enlisting content managers

Furniture is a necessary part of your work day From your filing cabinets to your chair, there’s no denying that these pieces are vital to accomplishing your daily tasks. One thing you may not have considered, though, is how purposefully choosing your furniture to match the theme of your workspace and provide small comforts to increase your work/life flow. Here are some tips and tricks to help you select the

Stripes are Everywhere Stripes never really go out of style. At this point, some people even refer to stripes as neutrals. Well, I hope you’re ready because this trend is everywhere this year! And they are taking on every form you can imagine—skinny, thick, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and even some clashing stripes that zig zag every which way. Don’t think stripes are for you? Think again. They can be preppy, elegant,

Social Media is King in 2017 Although there’s a lot of hoopla in the media about millennials being glued to their cell phones, they’re not the only generation guilty of this. With two-thirds of the world’s population (Internet users) using social media, alongside the continued growth of ad blockers being utilized by this same demographic, it makes sense for marketers to be thinking about ways to capitalize on this trend.

Picture the following… You’re in the airport waiting (semi) patiently for your plane to arrive. You’re standing in line at the local coffee shop waiting to order your favorite macchiato. Or you’re outside of your child’s school waiting to pick them up. Now, what do all of these situations have in common, besides being exercises in patience? If you’re in a sales position, all of these situations may be an

In today’s modern world we are constantly interconnected and want to have everything at our fingertips. Being interconnected makes it easier to connect quickly. With everything at the palm of your hand, you can be online and available so that you can conduct business, keep up with your family, and even check in on the family pets. There are many products available that make lives easier and exciting to link

Sensory Brand Experiences and Your Brand As we progress in the technological and marketing worlds, consumers are demanding more and more from their brands. Consumers are asking to not only be told the benefits of a relationship with a specific brand, but to be shown. In order to satiate this need, we’ve seen a trend from marketers around the world utilizing sensory brand experiences alongside traditional brand initiatives to build


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