Performance Test: How Does this Hoodie Wear?

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Just like any kind of apparel, the best promotional clothing looks good and wears well.

Durability is especially important in the case of performance apparel and work wear.

For that reason, when a sample Expert Performance brand pullover landed in my hands a few months ago, I passed it on to a hard worker to try it out.

The tester:

My boyfriend Zach, an audio engineer whose job involves heavy lifting and, occasionally, crawling around on the floor to rig up elaborate sound and lighting elements for live events. His T-shirts and sweatshirts almost always develop a pilling problem and lots of holes due to the rough exterior of the equipment cases he is constantly pushing, pulling and hefting around. The cases hold various types of audio and lighting equipment that can weigh hundreds of pounds. Needless to say, there's not a work day that goes by when he doesn't break a sweat.

The product:

The Tec Hooded Pullover from Expert Performance is a 100% microfiber polyester fleece with a front pouch. It's anti-static and anti-microbial and designed to wick moisture away from the body.

The verdict:

Zach loves this hoodie. After more than four months of wear and dozens of washes, the front of the shirt shows hardly any stress. Unlike cotton shirts, this fleece doesn't snag on his equipment, so it's not about to tear. He describes the Tec Hooded Pullover as breathable and comfortable in cooler weather without being too bulky under a jacket. His favorite detail of the shirt: the metal tips on the drawcord, which don't crack and have so far prevented the string from pulling out during the wash.

Expert Performance apparel is available via Special Order from Staples Promotional Products. We also offer a wide variety of other performance apparel options from Destinations and other great brands.

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