What’s hot in 2017 – the spring color palette.

Are you looking for a sneak peek at what’s going to grace the runways of New York, Paris and Milan this year? Look no further, Pantone® has released its color palette for spring 2017.

Featuring a mixture of bright and lively colors, this year’s palette is influenced by nature. And it starts with the color of the year, Greenery (15-0343).

A fresh and airy yellow-green, Greenery is symbolic of the rebirth that spring brings to an earth worn out from a long, cold winter. Reminiscent of budding trees, new grass and the lushness of nature, Greenery is a calming influence in a chaotic world.

The  color palette is built around complimentary natural hues promoting vitality and relaxation. These include:

Primrose Yellow (13-0755) – A warm and comforting yellow , Primrose Yellow is enthusiastic and cheerful, evoking the warm sunny days of May.

Pale Dogwood (13-1404) – A subtle and calming pink, Pale Dogwood embodies innocence and tranquility.

Hazelnut (14-1315) – An earthy, neutral shade, Hazelnut in unpretentious and warming, adding earthiness to the palette.

Island Paradise (14-4620) – Calling to mind the tropics, Island Paradise is a refreshing aqua equally at home in a Caribbean bungalow or the streets of the big city.

Flame (17-1462) – Honoring the primal appeal of fire, Flame is an outgoing and vivacious hue, adding a touch of daring adventure.

Pink Yarrow (17-2034) – Whimsical and fun-loving, Pink Yarrow is a tropical pink that adds bold vibrancy, captivating and stimulating the spirit.

Niagara (17-4123) – A steady and dependable denim blue, Niagara is relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

Kale (18-0107) – A foliage-based green, Kale harkens back to the deep mystery of a primeval forest, honoring the lush, fertile feel of nature.

Lapis Blue (19-4045) – An intense blue, Lapis Blue is strong and confident and shines with an inner radiance.

For more information on the 2017 spring color palette, read more on Pantone.com. For ideas on how to use this color palette for your brand, speak to your Staples Representative.