What will the 2017 travel trends be?

Are you planning on hitting the road in the next year? Whether you’re a veteran road warrior or a novice, stay up on the 2017 travel trends to make travel easier, more comfortable and more fun. Here’s a look at what you can expect.

An emphasis on changing locations

With relations with Cuba normalizing, it’s a safe bet that this once off-limits island nation will soon be a hotspot destination. If you’re one of the people itching to get there before the crowds, whether to develop business opportunities or just explore the culture, don’t forget to pack your sunscreen.

Likewise, concerns about a changing environment have made the Great Barrier Reef, the Artic and Antarctica high on the list of pleasure travel destinations. Make sure you protect your eyes from the glare with sunglasses.

Mixing business with pleasure

Bleasure (that’s business + pleasure) travel is rapidly replacing work-only trips. Weary business commuters are tired of traveling to fun and exotic locations, only to have a few meetings and head home without experiencing any of the local flavor. Look for more people to add a vacation day or three at the end of their work trip to get a chance to explore their destination.

Increased security measures

It’s not just airport security that will be beefed up in 2017. We’ll also see a much bigger emphasis on digital security for travelers. This will be most apparent in the growth of RFID-blocking bags and wallets.  Of course not all travel-related crime is hackers – there are still plenty of garden variety thieves prowling tourist spots. Keep your belongings secure with a travel lock.

Travel apps replace traditional services

Whether it’s Airbnb, Uber or Trip Advisor, smartphone apps are taking over the duties of travel agents and allowing travelers to customize their own experiences. They can even translate foreign languages for you.

For more ideas on how to be more comfortable, healthier and have more fun traveling, explore our travel trend flipbook.