Alternate gifting opportunities other than the holidays allow you to demonstrate your appreciation for your associates all year long.

When you ask someone what their favorite part of the holiday season is, odds are they will respond with something like “spending time with loved ones” or “volunteering for those in need” or even “just that warm and fuzzy feeling that accompanies this time of year.” Well, I’ve got some news for you: all of those people are liars.

Okay, well maybe not liars. But, for some reason it’s become an unspoken rule that no one should ever admit that they actually like giving, and particularly receiving gifts around the holidays. Despite it’s apparent ‘bad rap,’ giving and receiving gifts can create a sense of appreciation and thankfulness in a way that not many other things can.

Why restrict that wonderful feeling to just this time of year? There are many occasions in the new year and beyond to spoil all those around you. Thus, I give you a list of alternate opportunities to give your business associates unique, branded gifts.

New Year’s Celebrations

Keep your gifting going into the new year. Celebrate the start of something new (yes, that was a High School Musical reference) with high-quality branded gifts that will last well into the year. You could even take a healthy approach and give out fitness or hydration tools to help with those New Year’s Resolutions.


It’s important to celebrate accomplishments and ensure that your associates feel your appreciation. You can thank them by using promotional gifts as awards to commemorate the year’s hard work. Think the Dundies, but with better, more useful awards. And hopefully not at a Chili’s.

New-Hire Gifts

What better way to welcome new employees than with gifts they can use to show off their new digs? Useful items that prominently feature your logo will help them adjust to their new positions quickly and easily.


With tradeshow season coming up, you’re sure to have plenty of opportunities to showcase your brand and gain recognition. Promotional giveaways like lanyards and pens may seem small, but rest assured they’ll garner lasting impressions throughout the event and beyond.

These are just a few ideas on occasions you can utilize as opportunities to give to your esteemed employees. Remember, no one is ever upset about receiving a gift! Giving branded items during the holidays and beyond benefits everyone involved.

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