Show your patriotism with  promotional products assembled in the USA.

In this era of globalization and international commerce, many companies are really only concerned with one thing: their bottom line. If they can ship manufacturing overseas and make a bigger profit for their shareholders, that’s all that matters.

But while this can be a smart business decision, there are also lots of benefits from buying promotional products assembled in the USA.  Here’s a look at why you should consider buying products made domestically:

Assembled in the USA means quality – For decades, assembled in the USA has been synonymous with quality. When you buy products made domestically, you can feel confident that they’re made to meet or exceed rigorous guidelines for safety and quality.

Assembled in the USA means protecting the planet – By reducing shipping distances, buying American helps dramatically reduce fossil fuel usage, which in turn decreases carbon emissions.  American manufacturers must also abide by strict environmental regulations, so you can rest easy knowing they’re not unnecessarily polluting.

Assembled in the USA means jobs for Americans – Each manufacturing job in the United States creates 5-8 jobs. These jobs are the basis of our economy and the money created remains in the American economy as wages and profits are spent at home. Additionally this generates tax revenue to keep our country functioning.

On top of this, 53% of consumers have a more favorable opinion of a brand if their promotional products are assembled in the U.S.A. Here are some American made products to consider:

Rustico Wasatch Leather Notebook
– This refillable notebook will have you feeling like Indiana Jones exploring ancient ruins. Made from top grain leather in Orem, Utah, it’s perfect for jotting down ideas wherever inspiration strikes you.


Fruit Fusion Bottle – Make your water fun and delicious with this American made infuser bottle. Simply drop some of your favorite fruits or herbs into the special container on this 25 oz. bottle and enjoy.

American Apparel T-shirts
– These tri-blend shirts are so American they include it right in their name. Stylish and comfortable, they’ll look great with your logo.