Do you need a bag with that?

Maybe you shouldn’t even ask your customers that question. Just give them logoed bags, preferably non-disposable ones that they can use again and again. Every time they do, they’ll be reminded of your brand.

What’s more, breaking out that bag on a grocery trip, beach day or even to the office will expose other people to your brand, as well.

How many people will see your brand because of a logoed bag? A whopping 5,700, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s latest brand impressions study.

Custom bags and totes are among the most powerful promotional products you can buy. They generate more brand impressions than any other type of promotional product for U.S. consumers. Half of U.S. consumers say they own at least one promo bag.

Now that you know the potential of promoting with logoed bags, here are some things to consider before investing.

Who’s your target audience?

Logo bags are more popular among women than men in the U.S. Their popularity peaks among women age 18-24.

How will you distribute these bags?

Is your bag a tradeshow giveaway, gift with purchase or employee reward? How long do you want it to last? Your options are endless, from simple craft paper bags to biodegradable plastics to durable and stylish canvas totes.

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