Four Essentials to Travel Work Wear

Traveling for business is a bittersweet must. Whether it’s to visit a client or counterparts across the country, the benefits of in-person meetings are too great to pass up. And for many, these trips are infrequent enough they don’t take over our lives. However, for many others business trips can happen multiple times within a week. Either way, making them as fast and efficient as possible is crucial. And for the experienced business traveler, they are frequently coordinated tighter than a CIA mission.

There are 4 needs that are key to make an on-the-go employee happy with their travel work wear:

Obviously people will have other requests or wants with their travel – from business attire to apparels and technology (we’ll touch on those later). But when it comes to their uniform, these 4 points are consistently shared by professionals.

Why are these preferences important?

Travel Work Wear that’s Light & Easy to Pack

We’re probably singing to the choir here, but the lighter the luggage the better for anyone. From the headache of checking and collecting checked luggage, or trying to shove carry-on luggage in a crammed overhead bin, to packing a trunk with travel bags, laptop bags, and any other materials or other traveler’s items, we can all sympathize.

Travel Work Wear that’s Wrinkle Resistant

Although many hotels offer a laundry service and include an iron and ironing board in-room, no one wants to commit to either service, especially if they are going on long days that are notorious for business travelers. Making life easier for your team will make them more productive and appreciative of you.

Travel Work Wear that’s Comfortable

Before committing too heavily to this request, do consider your employee’s day on the road. Are they moving from the airport straight to a client pitch? If so, you probably don’t want to give them a pair of leggings or comfortable sweatpants. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find something a little less fitted (which helps with the wrinkle resistant).

Transitional Travel Work Wear

A lot of business travelers are going from a 6-7am flight that lands on-location mid-morning and they are getting straight to business. Changing is not something that is always possible, and they may also want to keep their luggage tight to fit their schedule.

Ladies’ Travel Work Wear

Men’s Travel Work Wear

Accessories & Tech for the Road

Do all of these styles meet the needs of travelers?

Some of these items might sound like a wrinkly nightmare, or something that doesn’t transition easily from one event to the next. And in some cases that could be true. Every situation is unique, and if you know that you are in especially cramped quarters with an especially large amount of items traveling with you it might not make sense to pack a Puffer Vest. Or maybe a cotton shirt, while transitional, just won’t work for the weather. There are hundreds of items on that might work better for your team and their needs.

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