How close to your place of business do you live?

Is your commute walkable? How about bikeable?

If it’s bikeable you are totally eligible to become one of the cool kids (assuming you haven’t already).

Although bicycle commuters account for less than 1% overall, the number of them doing so has risen 60% in the past decade, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

A few more people take a hike to work. Slightly less than 3% commuters are on foot, but those numbers haven’t changed since 2000.

As one might expect, the growth in bicycle commuting has some geographical hot spots. These are mostly in super cool cities like Portland, Oregon, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. At least 4% of commuters ride their bikes to work in each of those cities.

As interest grows, other communities across the nation are making attempts to be more bike-friendly. This is being done through the introduction of bike sharing programs, bicycle awareness campaigns and adding more bike lanes to roadways.

There are a lot of benefits to bicycle commuting, even beyond the cool factor. Biking to work is more eco-friendly than driving, and it’s a good way to sneak some exercise into your life.

Safety can be a concern, which is why the appropriate equipment, aka a helmet, is always recommended. Bicyclists can also reduce the risk of drivers not seeing them by joining a bike train. These are the two-wheel equivalent of carpooling, in which multiple bikers ride to the same route together, for safety and socializing along the way.

Businesses may wish to promote bike commuting, especially in May, which is National Bike Month.

Providing great gear for bicyclists is a great way to show your company’s support of the bike trend. A wide variety of accessories and equipment, including actual bikes, can be customized with your brand messaging and colors.

Even if bike commuting isn’t feasible for significant number of associates, brands can still get on the bike train, so to speak, by sponsoring bicycle races or weekly rides and offering sports bottles, jerseys and other relevant branded merchandise to participants.

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