How promotional products can boost your sales numbers.

Psst. Want to know a secret to boosting your sales numbers? It’s easier to do than you might think. No, you don’t need to hire extra salespeople – you just need to harness the power of promotional products.

Seriously. It’s that easy. Here’s why:

Promotional products are the most effective form of advertising.

Advertising is a part of any business, but did you know promotional products offer the best cost per impression of any advertising medium? It’s true. According to an ASI study, promotional products cost only .7 cents per impression, far lower than other forms of advertising. Contrast this with targeted mobile ads at a penny each, or newspapers at a whopping 3.2 cents per impression.

And not only are they the most cost-effective form of advertising, but they’re also extremely memorable. The same ASI study found that up to 85% of people can remember the advertiser who gave them a promotional item.

Factor in the hundreds, or even thousands of impressions promotional items can have and you have an extreme amount of exposure.

Okay, you may be saying. Promotional products are great advertising, but what does this have to do with sales? There’s a correlation between advertising spend and sales revenue. That’s been well established.

Advertising can help your business increase its value and build its reputation. This is especially true of sales-driving promotions. Why do you think professional sporting teams have giveaways? People want to see the team regardless, but by giving away a branded shirt, hat or other item, they incentivize the sale.

Everyone likes free stuff, and in many cases, they’re willing to spend significant money just to get a freebie. It’s a psychological trick that’s been proven over and over again.

So the only question is: why aren’t you using promotional products as sales boosters right now?

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