A positive company culture can be reflected from your branded merchandise.

The first day I walked into the Staples office, I saw an abundance of Staples gear at my desk. I felt very welcomed and instantly more comfortable having received products ranging from coffee mugs to notebooks. It’s a common misconception that employees don’t want merchandise branded from their organization. Positive impacts can be seen in your company culture with the introduction of some branded team spirit.


Impress your employees with fresh and fun merchandise

Coffee mugs and t-shirts are standard, everyday products that will go a long way with your employees. You can also mix up your standard logo-styled apparel with some fresh designs and geometric patterns that will leave your employees wanting more.

Design products that your employees will want take out in public with them. Your merchandise doesn’t have to be restricted to apparel. A simple product like a branded phone case can boost your employee morale.


Impact on your customers

How your employees feel about your company reflects their work outcomes, as well. If one of your employees loves your product, he or she is more likely to promote that item to a potential customer. That way, you’re spreading the word about your company while boosting morale.

The interactions between your employees and customers are crucial. An accessory like a branded bag can leave countless impressions. The more your employees advertise branded merchandise, the more your company name will gain exposure outside of the workplace


Overall boost in quality and morale

Your brand will be reflected in a positive light by introducing improved and trendy merchandise. Stylish products will give your employees something to talk about, and will refresh your image to customers.

For more merchandise inspiration and ideas, visit StaplesPromoProducts.com or contact your Staples representative.