Strategies to stand out from the tradeshow clutter.

Industry exhibitions are sometimes reminiscent of a Turkish bazaar – hundreds, if not thousands of people, vendors hawking their wares and voices competing for attention. It can be hard to stand out from the tradeshow clutter. You need a strategy to get attention, make an impression and get remembered.

Here are some ideas:

Hold a mini training session in your booth – Want people to seek you out? Advertise an hourly training session on a problem plaguing your industry. If you’re in banking, maybe it’s a quick how-to on handling remote deposits. If you’re in food service, maybe it’s the latest trick for peeling eggs.  Whatever your industry, there are undoubtedly dozens of quick training opportunities you could utilize to draw traffic to your booth.

Offer a charging station – One problem many people have at tradeshows is their devices running down. Maybe they forget their charger at home, perhaps they just have an old tablet that won’t hold a good charge for long, whatever the reason, you can make your booth the go-to spot for the whole show with a charging station. And while show attendees are juicing up their iPhones and tablets, you have a captive audience to tell them exactly why your product or service is exactly what they need.

Hand out a unique promotional item – To stand out from the tradeshow clutter, you need to get people talking about you. What better way to do this than to give out a product everyone will want? Sure pens, hats and lanyards are great ways to promote your brand, but lots of booths will be giving those away. A better way to ensure traffic is to be known as the _____ booth. That is, the booth where show attendees can pick up that unforgettable item, whether it’s a plush monkey, unique stress reliever or cool cosmetic case.

Find a way to stand out, and tradeshow clutter won’t be a problem. Instead, you’ll be the star of the show.