Nurses Week provides an opportunity to shine.

Nurses are a vital part of the healthcare system, but all too often, they don’t receive the recognition they deserve. That’s why Nurses Week is circled on the calendars of many in the healthcare industry, especially hospitals.

With this in mind, I had the opportunity to work with Orlando Health, a healthcare network of physician practices, care centers and hospitals in Central Florida. With around 7,000 nurses on staff, Nurses Week is a big deal every year, so this was a huge opportunity for us.

Orlando Health had been using a competitor previously, but had been disappointed with the distribution options they received. Last year our competitor delivered a pallet of items, but left it to Orlando Health employees to distribute them, a heavy task. Considering the unmatched selection and logistics network Staples can offer, it was a perfect fit for our two companies to expand on our existing relationship.

As Orlando Health currently works with Staples Business Advantage and has an established network of users, we knew we could leverage this intact distribution network for delivery. And because we work with some of the top promotional manufacturers, we were confident we could meet Orlando Health’s request and challenges to make Nurses Week a huge success!

We worked closely with Nursing Administration at Orlando Health, and together we decided the nurses needed a special item. It had to be something useful, with high-perceived value and longevity. Most everyone knows that Florida is entering its storm season about this time every year, so we selected a quality umbrella.

After consulting with the client to determine requirements, we went with a 52-inch Shed rain product. The umbrella was equipped with features including auto open, a vented canopy, a wooden handle, a lifetime warranty and it featured the Orlando Health logo. We were on a tight timeline, but by working with our vendor, we were able to have our spec samples extremely quick. We then had a face-to-face meeting with Orlando Health’s decision makers and we were advised that they would like to offer this item to all team members. This resulted in an increase from 7,000 to 16,700 umbrellas.

Orlando Health

We leveraged internal and external resources to set up a perfect solution:

  • A temporary SKU was embedded in the web portal as an option for ordering.
  • We worked with Vendor on spec samples, pricing, quantity verification, shipping, timelines for production and tracking.
  • We worked with the client to structure communication about release item information and ordering instructions to the entire employee population.
  • A last-minute and late order process for the client and vendor was created and resulted in an additional 1288 umbrella orders.
  • Each umbrella was hand-delivered to establish more relationships, opening up several more opportunities in additional hospital locations.

This is really a testament to Staples’ capabilities. No one can match our distribution and logistics. We can leverage our existing structure and relationships to take it a step beyond what anyone else is capable of. We’re leaps and bounds about the competition and no one else can offer what we can.  This project demonstrated our commitment to a long-term and solution-based relationship with Orlando Health and stands as a model in B2B partnerships and team selling company-wide.

Fabian Marquez

Fabian Marquez is a Commercial Account Manager for Staples. He serves the Orlando, Fla. Area and is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with mid- to large-size companies.