Old Factory Coffee Shop uses Staples Promotional Products to create a buzz.

Every business owner has a unique vision. It’s easy to make brand dreams happen with the wide assortment of custom solutions available from Staples Promotional Products.

Read on to learn how the proprietors of a small town coffee shop used promotional products strategically to help raise their brand profile.

The Company

Old Factory Coffee Shop is a local business that brings artisan flavors to the small town of Orange City, Iowa. Mary and Eric Arteche bought the coffee shop from its previous owners in 2014.

The Challenge

When they took over Old Factory Coffee Shop, the Arteches wanted to get away from business as usual. Explains Mary: “From the atmosphere to the menu, we wanted to create something new and special for our small town Iowa community. We set out to create a well-designed space in which our customers and friends could enjoy a second living room, a second office, a second art studio—with friendly staff, free wifi and lattes on demand!”

In order for their plan to be successful, the Arteches also needed a promotional marketing strategy that would create a buzz and help build awareness about their business.

The Solution

In the age of the selfie, the Arteches knew it was inevitable that photos taken inside their business would end up on social media. Why not capitalize on those candid moments?

Serving coffee in logoed mugs instead of plain ones was one way for the Old Factory Coffee Shop branding to be a little more visible. The Arteches checked out the selection at Staples Promotional Products and chose sleek, white ceramic mugs that complemented the décor in the coffee shop. “We wanted engagement with our shop to be thoughtful and easy; we wanted to have instant recognition. And we wanted every photo and angle to produce a feeling of well thought out design,” Mary says.

In addition to providing a selfie-friendly environment, the Arteches launched a special campaign that encouraged customers to talk about their brand on social media. For the launch of a signature cold coffee drink, the Arteches created a hashtag (#igotdoubledutched) and offered a promotional gift. For a limited time, everyone who ordered the new beverage received a pair of orange logoed sunglasses, which the Arteches also ordered from Staples Promotional Products.

The Result

A quick scroll through the Old Factory Coffee Shop’s social media feeds reveals countless photographs of patrons holding up their logoed coffee mugs or proudly posing in their orange sunglasses.

Due to their bright color, the sunglasses sparked conversations online and off for the brand. Because the giveaway coincided with a popular community festival, many patrons wore their glasses the event. The buzz led to more customers than ever coming through the doors of the coffee shop that weekend. In the months that followed, many patrons continued to wear their sunglasses.