Custom-fit solutions send a powerful message.

Many companies have events to reward their top performers. And while a big gesture like a trip is a huge incentive, adding a custom-fit experience can turn it from a great experience into an unforgettable one. Staples Promotional Products worked with one company to create just that.

The Company

A large American insurer seeking to reward its top agents and owners.

The Challenge

The company chartered a Caribbean cruise featured two waves of 300+ winners. Each winner also brought along a guest of his or her choice for a total of over 700 people. The client wanted to create a unique experience by giving each person a Tommy Bahama hat of their choice. In addition to being useful on the trip, the goal was to provide a gift that would be become part of their everyday lives.

The Solution

Staples worked overtime to create and set up a custom-fitting solution onboard the ship. Because the client wanted the event to be a surprise the Staples team set everything up behind a screen in the ship’s lobby, working from 5:30 PM to midnight to build the experience.

Hats shipped in boxes of three to six, and with a total of 1500 hats, it required a large amount of work to sort them onboard and then load them onto hat racks. Because the client wanted the experience to resemble a retail store, they also required several full-length mirrors.

The even began at 7 AM with people attending all day in between meetings or as their schedule allowed.

The Result


The event was a huge success. The recipients enjoyed trying on the hats until, with the help of the Staples employees, they found the perfect fit. Several specifically stated that while they weren’t “hat people,” they still found ones they liked.

A few people were unable to make it to the fitting station, but Staples worked with them to find a Tommy Bahama hat to their liking and did several room drops.

Overall, both the client and the winners were thrilled with how Staples handled the event.  And because people were given a useful item to take back to their normal lives, they would have feelings of goodwill every time they put on the hat.