Using food gifts to promote your brand for Valentine’s Day provides a unique opportunity to engage and connect with both your customers and employees. Valentine’s Day is not the only holiday to present the opportunity to utilize food during this time of the year. Heart Health Month opens the door for any heart shaped offering as well as our extensive selection of heart healthy products including private label Granola Bars and custom packaged Trail Mix. A recent example of this opportunity came to fruition with gourmet chocolates.

A customer in the beauty industry requested a high end gift to send to their top level distribution centers for the Hispanic Market. The campaign was to build awareness for a new product launch prior to Valentine’s Day. The original request was for a custom 18” heart shaped box filled with gourmet chocolates. We were contacted to facilitate all functions of this project, from packaging, creation of the chocolates, fulfillment and shipping.

The Challenge

With only a small quantity need, we were struggling to find the most efficient and effective ways to get them what they wanted, and on budget. When it comes to custom packaging, lower quantity requests create a difficult challenge as minimum quantities are often much greater and leads to a significant increase in costs to acquire the packaging.

The Solution

Understanding that the packaging was a key element for the project, we knew our wide network of partners would pay off. In the end, we were able to present to the customer a glossy 18” heart box that provided complete customization throughout the entire box. In addition, the heart box carried a considerable weight which provided an additional sense of quality for this premium gift. Not only were we able to get approval on packaging and price by the customer, we were able to present to them something that few others could source, thanks to our wide network of partnerships.

The Result

Due to the overwhelming success of this project for the customer, the customer has found many more opportunities for custom orders in the past year that take their food gifts to the next level.

This project involved several different custom elements in addition to the heart box. The customer wanted custom chocolate pieces for inside the boxes. Originally they had requested small custom-shaped chocolate pieces surrounding a large 3D chocolate centerpiece in the shape of a their flagship product. During production, the customer changed their decision on the small chocolate pieces and requested smaller chocolate bars to go around the larger centerpiece. By utilizing our in-house printing capabilities, we were able to create a custom 3D mold directly from a piece of the customer’s product. All in total, the entire piece featured over 1 and 1/2 lbs. of completely custom chocolate pieces.

Finally, to further exemplify our custom capabilities, we then matched the color of the chocolate to a light shade of pink to give the complete appearance of the customer’s product. With both the box and chocolates completed, the order was shipped out of our warehouse packaged with one of their actual products included in each mailer.

We were presented with this opportunity in November of 2015 and the boxes shipped out of our warehouse in January of 2016 a month before the Valentine’s Day holiday which there were needed.