That looks great on you! The power of in-person selling

When it comes to engagement, there’s really no substitute for in-person selling, even when it’s to your own team. With the help of Staples Promotional Products, one of our customers discovered this for themselves.

The Company

An international automotive company with more than 600 dealers in the United States.

The Challenge

This automotive brand has always had a loyal following, but the client wanted to improve internal brand advocacy and boost the sale of branded merchandise. To do this, they needed to get dealers, partners and internal representatives excited about the brand.

The Solution

Despite the constant allure on the internet and online shopping, this client realized nothing trumps in-person selling. With this in mind, they partnered with Staples Promotional Products to create a retail-like environment at their annual two day dealer meeting. With a variety of branded merchandise, including bags, jackets and polo shirts, it gave attendees a chance to see and touch the numerous branded items the company offers.

Staffed by a trio of employees to assist in item selection, it let visitors see firsthand how they (and their employees, co-workers and customers) would look in items with the company’s iconic logo.

The Result

By all measures, the temporary store was a huge success. During the two day event, they sold a considerable amount of branded items. And thanks to a comprehensive plan, they were able to leverage the excitement they created to drive online traffic and sales.

Attendees were given branded promo cards for the company’s website. Supported by a reminder email, this led to a more than 200% increase in site traffic. The next two days saw the highest sales volume of the entire month. Within 10 days the average order online order size was up 23%.

While the sales increase was a huge win, the real value lies in the unmeasured increase in brand awareness. When it comes right down to it, there’s nothing like enthusiastic employees. And this promotion helped energize and excite the company’s workers. Dealers loaded up on gifts and incentives for loyal employees and business partners, who in turn, spread the company’s brand every time they use the logoed items. There is no denying, when it comes to making an impression, in-person selling really works.