LA KISS finds the perfect tailor-made solution.

At Staples Promotional Products, we believe in the philosophy of “if you can dream it, we can do it.” The solutions we provide for our customers can go far beyond simply adding a logo to a product.

Read on to learn about a special, completely custom product we executed for a high profile client.

The Company

Best known as the glam rockers behind the band KISS, celebrities Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are also in the sports business. The glory of competition and the rush of rock and roll come together through LA KISS, a professional arena football team that competes around the nation.

Before launching LA KISS in 2014, Simmons and Stanley turned to Staples for a variety of business solutions, from operational equipment and supplies to promotional products.

The Challenge

To celebrate the inaugural LA KISS football season, the owners wanted to make a limited edition product available to fans. They envisioned custom bobbleheads, each version created in the image of one of the KISS band members. Each character would also carry a football and wear a helmet, effectively blending the branding of both the rock band and the sports team. The bobbleheads and packaging needed to be designed, developed and delivered in a span of 100 days.

The Solution

The timeline and scope of this project required specific expertise. Staples Promotional Products engaged a global custom solutions partner experienced in designing and importing bobbleheads and worked closely with LA KISS to develop a concept that matched the client’s vision and budget.

The Result

Staples Promotional Products delivered the shipment of 40,000 bobbleheads to LA KISS one week before the agreed upon deadline. The LA KISS owners were extremely pleased with the final products. Promoted heavily on the football team’s website, the bobbleheads were met with high expectations from fans. Based on this experience, Staples Promotional Products and LA KISS are continuing to partner on branded merchandise solutions.

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