It’s on cars, vitamin supplements, at gas stations, hotel lobbies, office buildings, even at your favorite, or at least frequented haunts like McDonald’s and Starbucks. If you live in or visit California frequently, odds are you’ve seen it every day since 1986. What are we talking about?   Prop 65.   What is Prop 65?   Proposition 65 or Prop 65 refers to a California law formally known as the

  Make the most of your branding with completely custom apparel. As a merchandiser in the promo business, I always want to show the client’s brand in the most interesting and unique light. When it comes to apparel, this can be difficult to achieve at times. While the standard in the business is a left chest decoration placement, that’s not even close to the limit of what we can do.

April is National Volunteer Month. How are you observing? Volunteerism is a cornerstone of America. It’s a process that not only keeps this country going, but instills important values in us, often from a young age. The act of giving back is just good for the soul. Don’t take my word for it. Studies have shown that those who volunteer regularly report themselves as happy far more often than those who don’t. Helping someone in

  Grow Your Brand this Earth Day This Sunday is Earth Day, so you know what that means! Or maybe you don’t. But don’t worry, by the end of this post, you’ll not only know what it means, but also what it means for your brand. Each year on April 22nd, we Earthlings take a little time to celebrate this wonderful planet we inhabit, and the beginnings of the national

  Educating students is the most important initiative of your organization. But it’s also important to provide education about your brand while ensuring it stays intact. The right marketing strategies can help you reach potential students, keep alumni engaged and help faculty and staff feel appreciated, all while promoting your institution. Staples offers unparalleled protection and consistency. We value your brand and the integrity of your assets. All of our

Bold is back in a big way. Warmer weather is finally starting to arrive and it’s bringing with it a bright new trend that you’re sure to start seeing everywhere. Forget florals, because the use of bold, saturated color palettes aptly dubbed “paintbox colors” is the spring style that’s taking over runways and street sidewalks alike. Spotted on the SS ’18 fashion runways from the likes of Marc Jacobs, Versace

  Show your genuine appreciation for those that give to your organization. Your facility performs essential functions for your community every day. That work wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of your donors. Demonstrate your thanks for their continued support and foster relationships with elevated appreciation events, such as galas, fundraisers or retreats. As an organization, it’s important to build meaningful relationships with those in your community, but especially those

Tee up your promotional merchandise for golf season. Spring has finally sprung and with it comes additional opportunities to spend time outdoors promoting your brand, particularly involving leisure activities, like golf. And with reports from the National Golf Foundation revealing that there are nearly 30 million golfers in the United States alone, there’s no shortage of impressions that can be had from sponsoring or attending golf events. While compelling alone,

As a business, you have the ability to make a difference in the community. When you sponsor any event, although especially one like a walk/run or retreat, you immediately and substantially increase awareness of your brand. Not only that, but by participating in an event of any proportion, you are giving more than just money back to your community. You’re giving your time, public support and hard work to important causes