It’s on cars, vitamin supplements, at gas stations, hotel lobbies, office buildings, even at your favorite, or at least frequented haunts like McDonald’s and Starbucks. If you live in or visit California frequently, odds are you’ve seen it every day since 1986. What are we talking about?   Prop 65.   What is Prop 65?   Proposition 65 or Prop 65 refers to a California law formally known as the

The California Safe Drinking and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (commonly called California Proposition 65) was enacted over 30 years ago. The intention of California Prop 65 was to provide consumers with the right to know if a product exposes them to a chemical(s) specified on a list published by OEHHA (California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment). This ever growing list of carcinogens and reproductive toxicant chemicals currently exceeds

It is good to become known as a business that cares about the security and privacy of its customers. This does take considerable commitment in time and resources. This commitment shouldn’t be taken lightly. It hasn’t been many years ago that business security meant having a mean dog. That isn’t true anymore. The new crop of thieves doesn’t need to get inside your building. Businesses depend on computers and that

How can Promotional Products Help in times of Crisis? With all the natural disasters plaguing communities globally these days, crisis communications teams are working tirelessly to lead your organization’s name through the trenches of disaster and into blue skies. Crisis communications do so much for your organization’s reputation, but beyond establishing your social responsibility, what are some keys to make those communication pieces more thoughtful, appreciated and respected. There are

Fidget spinners are turning so quickly, it is hard to keep up. The first major appearance for the fidget spinner was at Toy Fair New York in February 2017. Stores began stocking them in March and by early May 200 million had shipped to retailers. Prices range from under $5 to over $20. The whirlwind in sales hasn’t come without some controversy. Some schools have banned them, saying spinners are

A closer look at industry attendance at the Legislative Education and Action Day More than 80 individuals from Promotional Products Associate International (PPAI) including a representative of Staples Promotional Products traveled to Washington D.C. on April 26 to participate in over 250 meetings with members of Congress and their staff. The purpose of these meetings was to educate Congressional representatives about the effectiveness of promotional products and the strength of the

Sun: It’s great, but wait Soaking up rays can be a delight, especially after a long winter. Like anything else, balance is important. Sunlight releases hormones (serotonin) in the brain that are calming and improve mood. It can lift people out of depression. Sunlight also is a plus in building stronger bones because sun on the skin helps create vitamin D. For some people exposure is a treatment for skin

How Often Should Products Be Tested To Give Clients Confidence? We have talked about the importance and focus of compliance on children’s products due to specific standards and the higher risk of selling to a young audience. As we continue to drive better standards in product offerings to you, we collaborate with our network of partners to standardize and recommend similar compliance requirements for products geared toward general audiences. It

NEW STAPLES STANDARDS IN YOUR PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS As reported in recent news stories, some lithium batteries have been prone to overheating, some to the point of combustion. To further minimize risks to you, Staples is elevating its already high standards for power banks. As of January 31, 2017 we no longer quote, sell or distribute power banks domestically unless they are compliant with one of the following US standards. •

Have you ever wondered why promotional products for kids are more expensive than ones for adults? Items made for children almost always cost more than those made for adults. How can this be? After all, kids clothing is smaller and made with less fabric. Most toys are simply made and don’t feature complex mechanisms or expensive materials. So why do they have a heftier price tag? WHEN IT COMES TO