Much to the dismay of students everywhere, summer is coming to a close. Long days spent frolicking in the sun will soon come to an end, with long days spent in the classroom nigh on the horizon. While this might sound depressing, it can be an exciting time for many, particularly college seniors who have graduation within their sights. When it comes to recruiting upcoming college graduates for your

  Educating students is the most important initiative of your organization. But it’s also important to provide education about your brand while ensuring it stays intact. The right marketing strategies can help you reach potential students, keep alumni engaged and help faculty and staff feel appreciated, all while promoting your institution. Staples offers unparalleled protection and consistency. We value your brand and the integrity of your assets. All of our

The Importance of All Educators Showing gratitude is an important component of any organization. In schools, appreciation to teachers, district staff, support employees is critical. Each of these members creates opportunity for children to thrive and grow, help community members work closer with each other and children in the neighborhood and more. But appreciation for these members goes beyond just the staff and leadership, it extends out to clients and

You May Suffer From Stress and Not Even Know Half of all adults say they suffered a major stressful event in the past year. Still, experts say that number is too low – many people suffer from hidden stress without realizing it or naming it as that. The American Psychological Association (APA) does an annual survey towards the end of the year and after 10 years of being in decline,


Aug 2017

Chalk Talk

Chalk is making market gains It wasn’t many years ago that this substance was endangered. Its classroom reputation for dust and loud screeching left it overtaken by whiteboards – and then by smart boards. Even painting colorful designs on sidewalks don’t have the prominence it once had. Recently, however, crayons are being outsold by chalk products. Making new uses for an old product Chalk paint has contributed to the spike in the chalkboard

An internship is the stepping stone to a student’s future. As a student going into her senior year of college, let me be blunt with you – finding an internship can be tough. You go through months of hesitation and not knowing where/when/how to even apply. Then once you start the application process, you learn that applying isn’t actually the tough part… the wait of hearing back from the employer

Make Promotional Products Your Recruitment Tool It’s becoming that time of the year when future college students prepare to leave the nest and immerse themselves in the college experience. To draw attention to your university’s perks and amenities, you need to find memorable products that are student and family friendly. These giveaways can help you advertise by creating student spirit, showing familial loyalty, and overall driving recruitment.   For the students:

Students and the value of technology. Remember when your teachers told you that you needed to know long division and multiplication because you wouldn’t always have a calculator in your pocket? Smartphones have proven that wrong, haven’t they? Knowing the basics and being able to think conceptually are still important, but the fact is technology has drastically changed the learning experience. And the value of technology for students is bigger

How to make employee training more effective. Employee training is vital to the success of any organization. But for many, it’s difficult to generate interest and engagement to make the training substantive. That’s no surprise – you’re taking employees away from other tasks that are still expected to be done, and sometimes the training content may not seem relevant or interesting to them. But training is important. You know that.

Use your brand to keep students warm this winter. Brrr! Do you feel that cold wind blowing? Winter is upon us. Here are some hot ideas to help you keep students warm when it gets chilly outside. Make studying more comfortable. Do you know how hard it is to focus on trigonometry when you’re shivering? Even well heated and insulated homes get drafty in the winter. Help your scholars stay