Did you know that August is National Golf Month? From the seasoned to the decidedly green (pun intended), golfers nationwide use National Golf Month as an excuse to hit the green. As if they needed another reason to celebrate the sport that almost 30 million Americans harbor a passion for! The modern game of golf is largely believed to have originated in 15thcentury Scotland, with ancient origins tracing all

  Make the most of your branding with completely custom apparel. As a merchandiser in the promo business, I always want to show the client’s brand in the most interesting and unique light. When it comes to apparel, this can be difficult to achieve at times. While the standard in the business is a left chest decoration placement, that’s not even close to the limit of what we can do.

  Do good, feel good, sell good. With millennials beginning to take control of the marketplace as the largest buying group, more and more brands are looking for ways to market to this strong-willed, individually-minded group. It begs the question, “What do millennials care about?” While there is no exact right answer, the general theme across the board is almost unanimously socially-conscious and value-centric. Whether they’re fighting to protect the

The newest trend in bags is fanny-tastic. Ok, that was a terrible joke. But, I wasn’t lying about the trend. The 2018 bag trend that we can’t stop talking about: belt bags AKA fanny packs. Whatever you call it, there’s no denying that these hands-free bags are making a huge comeback on runways and streetways alike. Belt bags are basically just micro bags attached to a belt, designed to be

Bold is back in a big way. Warmer weather is finally starting to arrive and it’s bringing with it a bright new trend that you’re sure to start seeing everywhere. Forget florals, because the use of bold, saturated color palettes aptly dubbed “paintbox colors” is the spring style that’s taking over runways and street sidewalks alike. Spotted on the SS ’18 fashion runways from the likes of Marc Jacobs, Versace

It’s one thing to hear the expression that everything comes back in style. It’s another to experience it. That’s where our story begins, as I found myself texting my mom the other day asking if she had any boxes of her old 90’s clothes that I could have.  Style Cycling of the 90’s Style cycling is the way I like to describe this phenomenon. Although you may scoff at some