SPP Trends: Relaxation & Restoration Unwind and treat yourself to a spa day at home to relax and restore your body from the everyday hustle and bustle. This can be done through the practice of yoga, filling your favorite diffuser with energizing essential oils, wrapping up in your favorite fluffy robe or drinking your favorite soothing tea. Keeping your body restored and relaxed is the key to a happy and

SPP Trends: Healthy You Lifestyle Trend It is time to take responsibility for our own wellness.  Finding ways to stay healthy has never been easier with modern devices, tracking systems and software that helps us be our healthiest selves. The focus is on our mind and body for the greatest wellness. Personal wellness can mean something different to each person, but finding a good balance to feeling well is the

SPP Trends: Family Vacation Everyone can make their own memories through an amazing Family Vacation. Traveling together with loved one’s with the journey being more important than the destination. Take time to unwind, grow as a family and make memories. You will want to capture every moment, but to keep the family peace, you will need to stay charged up and the children entertained. With snacks, beverages and the necessities

SPP Trends: Car Organization One of the best ways to stay sane while on a road trip is to pack your car well. Whether you’re making the annual road trip to Grandma’s house or heading off on a new adventure, you’ll want to make planning and organization a top priority. Keeping the car organized creates space, keeps things clean and makes the journey more comfortable. Not to mention, you want

SPP Trends: 2020 Road Trip Spending time on the open road with friends, family or both can be an amazing experience.  The long distance journey is a great opportunity for sight-seeing, memory-making and growing closer. It’s time to live and little and get out the rut of scheduled daily activities and appointments. While there is some planning needed, a road trip is a great time to de-stress, forget about your

“That’s so sad, Alexa play ‘Despacito.’” Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that we’re living in the 21st century. Your watch monitors your sleep and your lights turn on and off at the touch of a button (as opposed to the touch of an actual physical switch – that’s so old-fashioned). Ever since the inventions of such devices like the Amazon Echo, Google Home and, most

We all have that bag. You know the one. The bag that needs to seriously retire from your arsenal of travel tools. The one that might be hanging on to its last stitch, after only a few seasons. Enter the Commuter bag: a more streamlined, more mainstream and more versatile step toward the “everyday” bag with a twist. In a sea of nylon bags, the Commuter stands out by being

Hygge is the holiday home trend here to make your life as cozy as possible. There’s a new lifestyle trend in town and it’s traveled quite a long way – all the way from Denmark, specifically – to help make your home as cozy as possible during the holiday season and beyond. It’s called hygge, and no that wasn’t a sneeze. This trend (pronounced hoo-gah) has been emerging for the