Aug 2017

Chalk Talk

Chalk is making market gains

It wasn’t many years ago that this substance was endangered. Its classroom reputation for dust and loud screeching left it overtaken by whiteboards – and then by smart boards. Even painting colorful designs on sidewalks don’t have the prominence it once had. Recently, however, crayons are being outsold by chalk products.

Making new uses for an old product

Chalk paint has contributed to the spike in the chalkboard trend. This paint gives consumers the ability to turn any surface into a fun, chalk-friendly medium. Art stores have seen large increases in sales because of these new and innovative projects. The promotional industry isn’t about to let these gains go unanswered. The response is a combination of new and traditional products.

Chalkboards have application for children, but have also become popular for restaurant menu features, project planning, collaborative team-building exercises and household notes. These come in a wide range of sizes.

Fun, innovative, and everyday uses

Smaller versions of the boards are available as flat magnets and even decals. This substance cleans easily, making it a great candidate for temporary labels. You can find marking options for cheese sets, beer and wine flights. Even mugs and tumblers are made with chalkboard surfaces to mark the user’s name. Bottle openers and key caddies are yet another innovative way to utilize chalkboard surfaces. Nothing says creative quite like a surface that can keep changing design. Hosting a party or get together with chalk-inspired accessories is a new and trendy way to show off your creative side.

Believe it or not, there’s even more uses that extend past traditional sidewalk chalk. Anybody ready for hair chalk? We have that too! Plus, there is a variety of bright colors that you can choose from. We’ll chalk it up to another great promotional option.

For more chalk inspired promotional products…

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