Bob Dylan said it best: the times they are a-changin’

Aging looks different now than ever before. A recent study found that 68 percent of people 55 and older use more than one tech device at a time. A prime example: not only does my grandma have a Facebook, she uses it every day to comment on all of my and her other grandchildren’s posts (S/o to Judith!). Perhaps contrary to popular belief, tech and social media are quite popular with this demographic, as is the desire to maintain independence and individuality in their daily lives.

So, here’s the question

How are you going to adapt your promotional marketing to this changing and expanding landscape? The answer: our Senior Living Collection. Whether you’re looking to make an impact in the community, provide residents with all the comforts of home or celebrate your staff members, our Senior Living collection provides the essentials to meet any and all of these needs.

Make Marketing Matter

Promotional marketing can help you gain a reputable image in the communities you serve. Generate awareness and name recognition while encouraging word of mouth and referrals from medical professionals through our collection of promotional products specifically designed to accommodate health and wellness.

Ensure Comfort and Care for Your Patients

Providing personalized, quality care for your residents is more important than ever. Create a positive experience by helping them feel at home with products tailored to their needs. Promoting wellness, fitness and overall comfort through promotional marketing makes your commitment to your residents tangible.

Attract and Retain Staff

You know your staff is amazing. Now show them! As the aging population grows, so does your need for dedicated, experienced staff members. Celebrate their journey from on-boarding to retirement by making sure they feel valued and appreciated with gifts that make their jobs and lives a little easier.

Let’s start exploring creative solutions for your brand together. Contact your Staples Sales Representative for more details.