adjective: judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.

noun: a work of art of recognized and established value.

Classic items work. It works in many applications, studies, art and music, even in business. And it works because it is reminiscent to anyone of something they treasure. Whether that be a period of time in their youth they want to recapture, or that feeling of wholesome goodness. That’s why classic pieces are perfect to represent your brand. They will reach a broad audience with their appeal, they’ll stay in favor for longer periods of time and are likely to come back into favor later down the road. They also tend to be seen with a high-value, making them harder to just dispose of. These are items that aren’t the plastic tchotchkes you may be handed on a tradeshow floor. These are items that are useful and designed and created with a craft.

Classic trend promotional products

Wood Texture

Wood grain is a trend that we have seen stay in favor for quite some time now. It is appealing to many people because of its durability and natural look. It is one of the first textures and looks that a person thinks of when they think of nature. And that’s what makes wood items perfect for your brand.


Reliable, sturdy, warm. Leather has such versatility. It can encase drink holders and cell phones to create a rich look, or work as the fabric for bags, gloves and warm coats. It can be found in many colors, but typically preferences lean to the more natural hues such as warm browns, camel tans or deep blacks.  There are plenty of high-appeal leather alternatives as well for any budget need.

Flannel, Canvas & Denim

Flannel is a movable, breathable fabric that also keeps the wearer comfortably warm. And with the recent come-back of this timeless shirt, it’s a perfect fabric for a large audience. Consider how you place your branding, between color and type of decoration there are some designs that can really stand out and make your brand look as classic as the shirt fabric itself.

Canvas fabrics are perfect for warm jackets. They’re sturdy and well-built to keep them lasting year after year. And they hold in the heat and block out the wind for outdoor teams. Find yours in darker hues to fit with the trend and guarantee longevity in style. And given their usefulness and quality, don’t skimp on the budget with these items. They will be well loved and great brand ambassadors.

These thick fabrics all offer warmth and coziness in one. Although we’ve seen athleisure taking over the casual world in recent years, many people still talk about their favorite “comfy jeans.”  Find denim (or chambray) shirts to give your staff a comfortable yet buttoned up presentation. And you’ll likely see them sporting the attire well past work hours – especially if the decoration is on point.

There are several other items that are perfect for brands looking to create a classic collection of promotional products. Visit the Heritage Trend on to see the ideas and get started today.