Make your next classroom party the best one yet.

Remember what it was like to be in school? Long periods of long division and lectures on American history punctuated by all too brief breaks for chicken nuggets and a game of kickball. And the year seemed to last forever, one week very like the previous. Except for a few times a year something really fun would happen. Everyone would stash their books and pencils away and come together for a social event – the classroom party.

But great parties don’t just happen. They require a lot of planning and coordination. In some schools the  room parent sends out emails to parents assigning tasks or items to pick up. In other places, this is the teacher’s responsibility. A lot of schools rely on donations to enhance the classroom, but there are a number of low-cost activities that can be added to a room to break up the day-to-day classroom activities and make your party a success.

Here are some ideas for your classroom party:

  1. Determine a theme – The best parties have a unifying theme. And while Valentine’s Day or the Holidays is a fine theme on its own, taking it one step further will make it even more fun. For example, instead of a normal fall party, you could have a school-themed fall.  Offer a school-inspired shirt with a seasonal design provide themed treats and decorations for a unique school party experience.
  2. Get students involved – Give kids a sense of responsibility by having them take part in preparation. Whether it’s bringing treats, making decorations or spreading the word around school, they’ll feel proud of their contributions when the party is a success.
  3. Get help from parents – Don’t try to do everything on your own. Send an email or a note home a few weeks prior to the event telling parents what you have planned. Outline a few ways they can help out with food, games and activities.
  4. Consider gifts that will be appreciated and used – Make the party even more memorable with a takeaway that will be used and treasured, something like a school kit, perhaps. And don’t forget about the teacher!
  5. Don’t forget the food – It just wouldn’t be a party without food. Due to increased awareness about food allergies, homemade treats are not allowed in many schools. Instead, think of hypo-allergenic foods in school colors or decorated with the school mascot. They’re a fun and delicious way to create a sense of spirit. For more ideas on decorated food items, be sure to check out Share the Season, our Festive Food Guide.

Classroom parties have a special place in childhood memories. Organizing one should be as simple as communicating the event with students, parents and administrators, enlisting a few volunteers and taking a few extra steps to make it unforgettable.