There’s no better time than now. College prep for students.

Senior year – a time to have fun and relax, right? Huh. Yeah right. Believe it or not, graduation is just around the corner. College prep for students needs to start now.

Here’s a college prep checklist to help your graduating class get ready for the next level:

Take the ACT/SAT – If a student wants to get into the university of his or her choice, they need a good standardized test score. If the test wasn’t taken as a junior, or the score wasn’t as high as you’d hoped, now is the time to take (or re-take) the test. Help your scholars study for the big test with notebooks and #2 pencils.

Gather college applications – Unless you scored perfectly on your SAT, and have a 4.0 GPA plus tons of extracurriculars, you can’t rely on getting into your first choice of schools. Help students gather applications from several schools they’re interested in. Keep relevant files, applications and information organized with a branded binder.

Consider a course of study – Some students won’t decide on a major until their second or third year of college. Others need to start a specialized program as freshmen. Help students determine what kind of career they’re interested in pursuing, then look for majors that support that.

Get ready for the dorm – For many people, college is the first time they’ve ever lived away from home. And that means gathering a lot of new supplies for life on campus. Don’t forget a way to keep all the new stuff organized. Packable cubes are a great way to maximize precious space in dorms.

Pick up a new backpack – You can’t expect college freshmen to go traipsing around campus carrying that same grubby backpack they used throughout high school, can you? Get them started on the right foot with a stylish new book bag.