Red means stop. Green means go. Blue for boys and pink for girls. Color plays an integral role in our lives from very early on. Whether or not you’ve actively thought about it, you’ve been influenced by color in some way or another throughout your life. That’s quite clear. It might color you surprised, though, (pun intended) to learn about how color even goes through phases of popularity based on trends and current lifestyles just like people.

Trending Colors

A prime example of this is millennial pink. Millennial pink, otherwise known as rose quartz, was the Pantone Color of the Year in 2016 and has since emerged as a powerhouse in the color spectrum, popping up in a myriad of products. From dresses to kitchen ware, unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably seen a product or two in this light pink shade.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Pantone just recently released a Prince purple in honor of the late artist called Love Symbol Number 2. And while millennial pink might have been the Color of the Year in 2016, 2017’s Color of the Year, Greenery, has been seen popping up on runways and streets everywhere. It evokes a sense of calm, described as the brightest neutral out there.

As you can see, colors can become popular enough to affect daily life based on pop culture or emerging lifestyle trends. Another way color and trends play into everyday life is through branding. Odds are you’re intensely familiar with McDonald’s red and gold or Pepsi’s red and blue. Color majorly affects what brands we notice and how we remember them.

Trending Colors and Your Brand

The next time you’re ordering a round of branded shirts or hats, you might consider applying your branding to a trending color, like millennial pink. The trending color will ensure it actually gets worn and gets your brand noticed.

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