Keep in mind that content is king when it comes to promotional products.

It’s well known across the industry that in recent years, valuable content is king when it comes to marketing. Content drives SEO, shapes buyer’s decision making, and gives your brand more of a voice than ever before.

Basically, including content in your marketing strategy is a win all around. But, you already knew that. What you might not have known is that content also plays a huge role in other marketing efforts, namely promotional marketing. The question is how can curated content be utilized to improve your promotional product collections?


The Importance of Messaging

Many brands will opt to stick with solely their logo and tagline on their branded merchandise. While the simple method is tried and true, it leaves little room for creativity that is much more likely to spark your ideal consumer’s interest. In times like these, consider incorporating more creative, curated content into your promotional items.

Providing employees or prospective clientele with branded merchandise is a great way to raise awareness for your brand, but what will actually be remembered by those who come into contact with the products? Most likely the messaging. Brand recall will be much higher with products featuring creative messaging and interesting content rather than solely your branding.


Content Promo and Events

A perfect example of a time to use content alongside your branded products is for specific event promotion. Say you’re hosting a walk/run to benefit a cause that matters to you. Events are an opportunity to utilize different, more creative content in collusion you’re your brand, giving your audience a chance to see what your brand voice is really like. That way, you can support your cause and your brand more effectively than ever before. Your clientele will remember your content and dedication for your cause alongside your brand, keeping you in their minds long after the event itself.

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