An engaging atmosphere starts with refreshments.

It’s your biggest meeting of the year. You have a conference room full of potential clients awaiting your latest pitch. You’ve done your homework. You’re fully prepared. Still, it sure would be great if there was some way you could create an engaging atmosphere to ensure your message has maximum impact.  It’s easier than you may think.

Why not get everyone in a good mood with coffee and a selection of treats?

It’s a proven fact. Coffee puts people in a good mood. Anyone who’s seen a regular coffee drinker before his or her first cup can attest to that.

But you may not realize that treats like cookies, brownies or potato chips can have the same effect. Studies have shown that not only does their pleasurable taste improve mood, but that they actually stimulate feel-good chemicals in the brain.

Create meetings people will look forward to.

People are busy. Sometimes the last thing they want to do is go to a meeting.  This is true of your clients as well as your employees. Make your meetings, pitches and conferences something people will look forward to by offering a selection of snacks and flavored coffees, juices or sodas. Knowing that there’s a delicious treat in it for them will make your meetings the highlight of the day. And that’s not all.

A selection of refreshments creates an engaging atmosphere.

If you’ve ever been to a fancy resort or hotel, they almost invariably have a welcome area with a selection of foods and beverages. This is because edible treats are a great way to create a welcoming environment and set a positive tone for later interactions.

Why not use this for your business? Whether it’s a client meeting, gift for valued customers or something to improve or maintain employee morale, you can use coffee and treats to encourage positivity and a great atmosphere.

For more edible ideas for gifts or to boost morale, check out Share the Season, the Festive Food Guide from Staples Promotional Products.