Consider Custom Apparel

If you’re looking for a promotional product that your audience will love and something that will generate tons of impressions, consider custom apparel. People love receiving free t-shirts! But you don’t have to limit yourself to just t-shirts. There are many options out there for promoting your brand on apparel. Check out these ideas!


Performance Gear: Watch Your Brand Perform

Take your brand to the next level with performance apparel. There’s no need for compromise here. You can look stylish, go for a run and hit up the gym—all while promoting your brand. Everyone loves performance gear, even if they don’t work out on a regular basis. So performance apparel is a great option! Quarter-zip shirts are a very popular choice, plus people love them! Or perhaps a custom hoodie or packable jacket is more your style.


Outdoor Apparel: Bring Your Brand Outside

Say hello to adventure. Whether you’re going hiking, fishing, or camping, there are plenty of promo items for your outdoor adventures. Knit beanies and fleece vests will keep you warm on the trails. And don’t forget the wide variety of jackets. Explore where outdoor-inspired apparel options can take your brand.


Trade Show/Business Attire: Put Your Brand to Work

Choose trade show and business apparel that will get your brand noticed at the trade show and beyond. With so many eye-catching options to choose from, standing out has never been so easy. Custom polos and softshell jackets will keep your team looking sharp, professional, and unified. Pair them with a personalized backpack to keep your gear organized while you’re on the road and at the show.


Better Basics: Don’t Forget the Basics

Sometimes sticking to the basics is best. Show off your brand with basic pieces that never go out of style. After all, the must-haves are called essentials for a reason. Custom t-shirts and polos are always a good choice. They can be easily distributed as giveaways during community events, awareness runs, fundraisers, sports games….the list could go on and on. These basic pieces often get worn over and over again, which means more impressions for your brand.


Take your brand everywhere with custom apparel

The possibilities are endless, plus keep in mind that mixing things up every now and again will keep your audience interested. Whether you’re outdoors, at a trade show, in the office, or at the gym, make sure that your brand is always looking its best!

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