Make the most of your branding with completely custom apparel.

As a merchandiser in the promo business, I always want to show the client’s brand in the most interesting and unique light. When it comes to apparel, this can be difficult to achieve at times. While the standard in the business is a left chest decoration placement, that’s not even close to the limit of what we can do.

If you’re looking for something new and unique, you should consider utilizing custom apparel! When you hear ‘custom,’ you may immediately start thinking of high minimums and long lead times. But, here at Staples Promotional Products we can ease those concerns, so you can reap the benefits of custom apparel without all the hassle.


Custom apparel has a surplus of benefits for your brand and the end user.

For example, you can utilize Pantone color matching when designing custom apparel to match your brand’s PMS and perfectly represent your brand. Your brand can be shown off exactly as it was intended to be, with accurate coloring and designs.

Another benefit that comes with custom apparel is private labeling. With private labeling, you can ensure your branding shows up even on the labels of your branded apparel, making the most of every opportunity on every apparel item.

The word ‘custom’ doesn’t just apply to the designs of the apparel, either. When you choose custom apparel, you also gain the use of custom sizing and fits. Where stock apparel might come in sizes XS to XL, custom apparel takes it a step further, allowing you to order sizes XXS all the way up to 6XL. The inclusive sizing allows anyone and everyone to rep your brand.

Going custom with your branded attire also gives you freedom of fabric choice unlike anything seen in regular apparel. With choices like stretch, performance, fleece and everything in between, the options are almost endless.

Since custom apparel is made specifically for your brand, you can work with designers to have the most up-to-date styling and fashion trends that we are seeing in the market today. Bring in your artwork or patterns with sublimated paneling to give each piece a unique feel, while bringing a whole collection together.

Explore the Custom Fitness Apparel Collection to get inspired on how you can customize your next branded apparel collection.