Custom packaging makes food gifts unforgettable.

You already know why food is the perfect gift. And that means it’s sure to be well-received by its recipient, whether it’s an employee, business partner, colleague or friend. But how do you take that food gift and turn it into something unforgettable? It’s simple really – custom packaging.

Turn your food gift from “Oh, that’s nice” into “Wow!”

Custom packaging is the chance to make your brand a part of the experience. Think of how much more impactful it is to get cookies from your employer in a tin customized with the company’s name and logo, as opposed to a generic tin. Every time someone pops the lid for a sugary snack, they’ll remember the recipient. And don’t forget, people hang on to those tins for a long time afterwards, repurposing them with other foods, or using them as receptacles for nails and screws, or just about anything else.

Even foods in more disposable packaging are more powerful in custom packaging. For example, perhaps you have a selection of inventive and unexpected candies in a bento box.  Not only can you customize the flavors included, but you can also customize how the box looks. A one-of-a-kind gift for your business partners is not something they’ll forget easily, especially not while they’re chomping down on the delicious candies inside.

Custom packaging is all about your company.

Perhaps the best thing about custom packaging for food gifts, is the chance to be creative. Want to share a special message? You can do that. Want to use gifts as an extension of your brand? Customize it with your brand colors. Want to include a picture of your smiling face, so everyone remembers who gave the gift? You can do that too.

From traditional holiday baskets and food trays, to cheesecake samplers and caramel apples, custom packaging makes food gifts even better. For more ideas, visit Share the Season, our 2016 Food Guide.