Use customer data to maximize the impact of branded merchandise.

When it comes to marketing, customer data is king.  Age, interests, and so much more, it gives you everything you need to know to target your efforts more accurately.  But once you have this information on demographics, how can you use it? And how does it tie into your promotional efforts? Let’s take a look.

Make the shopping experience more personal.

Leveraging customer data to create an individualized experience can make a big difference in sales. According to studies, 100% of retailers who offer personalization on their sites see benefits, including an increase in sales (74%), and increase in profit (61%) and an increase in loyalty (55%).  With such an upside, why wouldn’t you customize your online offering of promotional products?

If your company sells promotional products to fans and brand advocates, customizing the shopping process is a great way to reap big rewards.

Use customer data to create a more personalized offering.

Sure, everyone uses pens and most people wear t-shirts, and these are great promotional products. But for something that will make a huge impact, customize your branded merchandise to what your customers are really into. For example, if your business has a big demographic of kayakers, consider giving away a branded waterproof bag.  It will get lots of use by your customers, and all of their kayaking friends will be exposed to your brand at the same time.

Get helpful feedback with data.

By using analytics to examine customer data, you can identify which products people are likely to want, and how much they’re willing to pay. This, in turn, helps you customize the products you’re offering.  For example, if you find your customers tend to prefer gel pens over more traditional ballpoints, you can add those to your purchase order. Your customers will be happier to use it and you’ll get better exposure.

In the digital age, there’s so much information available. Apply it to your branded merchandise and you sure to get great results.