Creating a Perfectly Customized Wedding

Whether you are planning your own wedding, or you’re a wedding planner getting a new bride ready for her day, the day of the wedding can be stressful. With these tips, you can ensure the day of is trouble-free. (Our first piece of advice to those planning their own wedding is: Always hire a “day-of” coordinator to take care of all the details so you can enjoy your day.)

Banners & Signs

Many times, the venue is somewhere guests aren’t familiar with, or even worse, there are multiple weddings happening in close proximity and you don’t want guests (for either party) to show up at the wrong location at the wrong moment. Yard signs can be an elegant way to direct guests to the venue. Ensure your graphic design on the sign complements the wedding style. For many, this will be the first indication of what to expect of the wedding itself.

Programs & Menus

Be sure the guests know what’s on tap for the day. A simple program can be invaluable to ensure guests are comfortable and they know to expect next. Signage is an important part of that preparation as well. Ensure all stops are easily identifiable, from the gift table to the guest book and beyond. . Don’t be afraid to create displays of fun and personal memories, sharing your engagement photos, or just candid shots of your family and friends.  Guests will enjoy seeing what the special couple has been up to and reminiscing on the past, from adorable baby photos to the more likely embarrassing toddler and childhood years. Be sure the guest book is managed, and do something fun with it… like this border print.

Customized Mementos

After the memories are made, be sure to send guests home with a custom memento. Some of our favorites include an elegant custom candle, or a customized tube of candy. Adding the wedding date, and an image and a new monogram of the couple will add an air of elegance and to remember the wedding.


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