Non-profit organizations depend on donors to achieve greatness. And as a nonprofit, your organization is the voice of the recipient. Develop a collection of gratitude gifts for your donors and open it up to the public to vote on their favorites.

Experience the Appreciation

Help show your thanks for their commitment to your cause each year with experiential marketing. Events like these create the unique opportunity to show your thanks while reiterating the purpose of your organization with current, former, and prospective donors. From black tie affairs with gifts customized with your brand through messaging and kitting or the item itself, the opportunities are endless.

Have Others Weigh In on the Tokens

Establish an assortment of gifts for your donors and open it up to the public to vote. Showcase the featured items on your social media channels and let followers vote on their favorites. As they see the type of reward given to them for their financial commitment to you, you may even see an uptick in donations the following year.

Let Them Reward Each Other

Organizations are supported largely through a robust member network promoting your cause tirelessly. Create an opportunity for donors to thank their “sponsor” – the person who brought them to your cause. It’s the perfect way to create a feeling of community among the crowd, and it gives the person who is your voice a feeling of pride that they have been able to reach others with their efforts.

Group Thanks

Oftentimes a business team up their internal staff to support causes near and dear to them. Show your appreciation to a crowd with shareable items that you can send in mass quantities to a large group. Consider things like tech items, or business supplies, water bottles and handy gadgets and of course, food and drink items to be shared by many. When you have a large group of people, items that don’t require sizing or individual customization work best.