Eco-Conscious ways to increase brand exposure.

Everybody is going green these days. From turning down the thermostat to ditching your car in favor of more eco-friendly means of transportation, people are paying a lot more attention to how their choices and actions affect the environment. And smart companies are following suit.

Big players like Ford and Disney are considering ways to minimize their impact on the planet with big budget initiatives. But you don’t have to dedicate a ton of money to make a difference. Responsible and sustainably-produced promotional products show your commitment to becoming more eco-friendly and promote your brand at the same time. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Here’s a look at some innovative products that are kind to the Earth and will make a big impact with your customers:

Appeel Pico Journal – Made from apple residuals and other vegetable fibers, everyone will love this 160 page journal that not only looks great, but even smells like apples. Customizable with your logo or message, it’s a great way to keep track of your thoughts and send a great message at the same time.


Sprout Pencil – Most pencil stubs are destined for the trash bin once they’ve reached a length too impractical for use. But why should they go to waste? Plant your Sprout Pencils and they’ll grow into delicious basil, cilantro, parsley, mint or cherry tomatoes.

Seed Paper Bookmark – Customizable with full color artwork on both sides, these bookmarks are infused with hardy wildflower seeds. A fun giveaway for kids, just plant, water and enjoy the beautiful results.

Treecycler® Cards – A great giveaway that gives back, this card gives recipients the ability to plant a tree of their choice in over 30 reforestation projects around the globe. Customize the card with your logo to remind customers that you care about the planet.

To learn more about green ways to promote your brand, download our Sustainability SmartPaper.