“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Embrace Employees Beyond The Office

The challenge for employers is to have employees come together for more than just the work process and salary.

HR professionals can list countless ways of building company cohesion, but let’s just look at a couple of strong motivators. Nothing brings people together better than food. Rewards, whether individual or team-oriented, bring people to the next step.

Any planning to embrace employees must consider work schedules, the makeup of the work force, company resources and more. The goal is to express appreciation for employees, not necessarily what is most convenient for employers.

Employee Appreciation Motivators

Bringing our two strong motivators together might involve a company picnic; an extended, company-wide lunch time; a surprise breakfast; a make-your-own sundae session or …. use your own imagination. It could involve any one or several of these options. These events could be on-site or off campus. Look to events that create more opportunities to connect people.

Breaking Down Silos

Once the food brings people together, the next step could be to have them work together on something that has nothing to do with work. This could be lawn games, board games, card games, scavenger hunts, trivia contests, cooking contests or …. use your imagination. Lawn games like bag toss, cornhole, paddle games, jump rope and water balloon toss are among countless options that could demand cooperation.

It is easy for people in an office or at a machine to work in their own silo and have limited connections to others. Find something to break that. The old saw, “Together Everyone Achieves More, TEAM” is still true. Games and contests help do that.

Rewarding The Participants

The third step is rewarding employees. Fun game prizes, goodie bags, drawings and raffle tickets are among the possibilities.

Common giveaways for get-togethers include event/company t-shirts and caps, sport bottles, can coolers, sunglasses, cooling towels, personal fans, sunscreen or ….. use our imagination – staplespromotionalproducts.com and your Staples Promotional Products representative. Kids (and perhaps some adults) might enjoy items such as flying disks, activity books, chalk sets, bubble blowing sets, stuffed animal toys, beach balls and string packs.

Larger prizes might include a grill, a picnic basket with all the utensils for two, a fire pit, a set of folding chairs, wine sets, binoculars, large rolling coolers and other items that encourage sharing activities.

Keep the Momentum Going

It is time for some fun for everyone. Make sure you pay the same attention to employees as you do to any other constituent group. Talk to your Staples representative today about how you can carry on the momentum from the event to every day.