The Value of Personal Vacations

More and more companies are doing what they can to encourage employees to take a personal vacation. And you ask, “why would they want us talented staff out of the building and out of town?”

“Vacations have the potential to break into the stress cycle,” Psychology Today stated in an article. Even those who thrive under pressure to be more productive agree that they wish they could get away from it all, even for a short while.

Overworked Employees or Refreshed Individuals

Chronic job stress affects sleep; hurts a person’s ability to resist infection; contributes to injuries; makes people irritable, depressed and anxious; harms memory; and leads to poorer decisions. It makes people less fun to work with.

Vacations, according to studies, do more than just allow recuperation time. The new experiences broaden a person’s perspective, they promote an understanding of others and they enhance family life.

Balancing Work with Personal Vacations

As in everything, there is balance to be considered. It doesn’t hurt to spend a brief amount of time each day checking emails so a person isn’t blasted with hundreds of them when they get back. It is suggested that a vacation that is active is more beneficial than one that just involves collapsing on a couch or a beach. Another admonition is that a person shouldn’t feel guilty about being out of the office.

Other than a few emails or a manager’s words, companies could do more to encourage personal vacations and promote the company’s interest in that regard. Why not promote vacations with promotional products? Help fill your valued employee’s packing list with branded products.

Consider a few promotional product suggestions:


Easily lost yet inexpensive there are a lot of fun options.

Beach blanket:

For beaches or picnics, travel or stay-cation, big towels are appreciated.

Travel journal:

Fond memories, notes for future trips and random thoughts should be recorded.

Travel toothbrush:

These handy two-piece brushes are designed to protect them from the lint and dirt in the bottom of a bag.

First aid kit:

It doesn’t need to be elaborate, but as the Boy and Girls Scouts say, “Be prepared.”

Sunscreen, lip balm and aloe vera lotion:

We hear too many stories of people burning on the first day of vacation and being miserable the rest of the time.


Compact folding umbrellas don’t take up much space and can save what would be a wasted day.


Refuel during driving trips or have something more substantial than the plane flights offer.

Portable chargers:

Have the insurance needed to capture those special pictures from dawn to dusk.

Voltage adapter:

Overseas travel will involve different voltages and plug configurations. Even if all you take is a phone charger, this item will be important to you.

RFID credit card sleeves:

This small, simple item is protection against one of the means used by the growing number of identity thieves.


Inexpensive item promotes your company wherever the employee goes.

A kit with multiple items can be assembled in a bag of your choice to help employees feel good about  personal vacations and know that the company is supportive. And, there are many more options available at or by visiting with your Staples Promotional Products representative.

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