We have discussed several topics in employee health, including rest, nutrition and personal vacations to name a few. But one vital component of an individual’s health is their financial wellbeing. Financial stress can be a never ending dark cloud hanging over an individual. Many financial hardships can last decades, if not their entire lives.

The struggles and battles they endure can extend from personal decisions like taking care of their health to external decisions like receiving a job offer. It’s almost backwards in some ways, that a person must have a strong financial standing to take care of themselves and get further in life. But to many, the signs of a good financial standing are also signs of reliability and dependability.

What Your Employee’s Financial Wellbeing Means for You

Not only does hiring a financially sound employee benefit your organization, but teaching employees how to maintain and/or better their finances can have extraordinary positive impacts on your organization as well. Beyond improving employee loyalty, providing insights and guidance on financial wellness to your associates helps them to maintain better relationships with others, improve their self-esteem, and potentially even lead them to stronger economic mobility.

Your Organization’s Role in Financial Wellbeing

There are many ways your organization can help with employees’ financial health. Including 401K options that your company invests in for the individuals, offering a robust paid time off plan, improving employee health plans. More indirectly though, you can offer training and advisors who can assist your teams with creating personal portfolios, learning how to budget, save and spend better, and help them feel more confident with their financial decisions overall.

As you consider these tools, services and offerings, also consider how you can invest in your employees while bringing more back to your organization. One of the easiest, fastest and still most appreciated means might just be through promotional products.

Promotional Products for the Financially Savvy

Kick-start a program each year dedicated to your office’s financial health with a fun event. Provide attendees with kits that not only encourage them to invest in themselves, but promote your company to them – which in turn will be seen by many others as these tools are useful in their everyday experiences. Kits may include:

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