May is GEHFM.

No, I didn’t just sneeze. GEHFM stands for Global Employee Health and Fitness Month AKA a month-long celebration and encouragement of healthy behaviors and activities sponsored by the workplace AKA an event your organization could benefit from participating in.

GEHFM has been celebrated every May since 1989. Originally just a national observance, the event has grown international, now with more than 28,500 people, 37 states and 6600 companies according to their website. The goal is to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to employers and employees through exercise, nutrition and general mindfulness. Participants are encouraged to log, track and share their activities through the GEHFM website.

Additionally, GEFHM is a month long rather than a day or a week because this extended time practicing healthy behaviors helps build sustainable habits that can last for much longer. It’s called a healthy lifestyle, not a healthy few days!


Why should you as an organization join the thousands of others all over the world and start participating in GEHFM?

For starters, encouraging employee health in the workplace can be a powerful strategic move for your human capital management. Simply put, when you have healthier employees, your health costs go down.

Not only this, but investing in your employee’s health and fitness can lead to improved productivity and morale, as well. In fact, programs like these encouraging improved physical fitness and stamina have proven to show a plethora of benefits, such as lower stress and increased well-being, self-esteem and job satisfaction among your associates.

Still thinking it might be too much time/work to implement a program like this? Fear not! There are many easy opportunities to create an active working environment for your employees. Even such little things as encouraging walking meetings or taking a 5-minute stretch break each hour can deliver benefits for all involved.

Whether you choose to sign up on the GEHFM website or start practicing in your own way, take advantage of the month of May to gain healthier and happier employees.

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