We’ve all been there

You’ve just left the office after a long, grueling work day, mostly spent seated, and the absolute last thing you want to do is head to the gym to grab some much needed exercise.

Maybe your excuse is that you don’t have enough time or that you have too much work to do or that you’re too tired. But, studies have shown that the endorphins released during even light exercise can cause more self-confidence and energy, increase positive attitudes and decrease stress at the workplace.

In fact, there are a myriad of benefits to adding a little physical activity into your work day. Exercising helps to pump blood into your brain, helping you stay more alert and focused in the office. Exercise even helps boost your memory and aid in the ability to prioritize tasks.

Incorporating fitness into your work routine can make for a more productive and overall happy and healthy work week. Here are a few easy ways how:


Walking Meetings

Walking meetings are the perfect way to fit one of the healthiest forms of exercise easily into your work day. Walking can keep you energized and alert while still burning calories in a low impact way. The best part: walking meetings take away absolutely zero time from your work day. Plus, the change of environment could lead to inspiration and new ideas.


Taking the Stairs

Office got multiple floors? It only takes a few extra minutes a little extra effort to take the stairs to your floor. If your building is 20+ floors perhaps this goal is unrealistic, but you could get off the elevator a few floors below your designated stop and climb those last few levels.


Participating in Company Fitness Events

Many businesses now sponsor specific events or competition encouraging physical wellness. Perhaps join the corporate softball team or participate in a company-wide step competition utilizing step tracking devices to try new ways of incorporating fitness into your daily routine.


Simply Getting Outside

Need an afternoon pick me up from a nearby coffee shop? Consider walking instead of driving to burn a few extra calories. Not only is the walking healthy for your physical wellbeing, but gaining some Vitamin D can greatly improve energy levels and recovery times.

These are just a few options of how to work exercise into your work day. From office yoga to exercise ball chairs, the possibilities are endless and the outcomes are invariably positive.

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