Mental wellness is a vast category of health needs individuals face every day, and many times without any external signs or symptoms. And in many ways, there are few, if any, preventative measures or supportive measures that an organization can take on to support individuals with these needs. And make no mistake, professional assistance is the most important step a person can take to bettering their mental wellbeing. But how do you ensure that as an organization your employees feel encouraged, supported and sympathized with their needs while hitting your objectives and deliverables?

Make Alternative Work Life More Feasible

Paid time off is like the holy grail for many people, finding creative ways for them to take care of their mental wellness while not hitting their PTO can be critical. Consider options like off-site/work from home accommodations, setting their own hours, allowing them to make up their hours. And provide them with resources to get more done while working in these situations.

Encourage Employee Engagement Opportunities

“Face-to-face social connectedness is strongly associated with well-being” according to the NPR article Feeling Lonely? Too Much Time on Social Media May Be Why. In-person social engagement is waning across all ages, according to reports from multiple outlets including Psychology Today’s Are older Adults Lonelier? Considering how many hours per week your employees spend with your organization and their coworkers and partners within, it is a perfect opportunity to provide them with social interactions.

Create Opportunities for Collaboration

Whether it’s the creative, collaborative spaces, encouraging off-site or on-the-go meetings, or even just restructuring teams to allow for more partnership, opportunities for collaboration while working is a no brainer for your organization. Consider ways to improve employee productivity with useful items they can take with them or share while working together.

Powering Breaks with People and Promotional Products

Create opportunities for associates to take breaks together with your promotional items. Activity pieces and coloring books for adults are great examples of relaxing and fun break time activities that can be enjoyed by a variety of group sizes.

Emphasize the Value of LIFE-Life

For some people, breaking work-life from life-life is a real challenge. And if they don’t find a balance, it can lead to a myriad of issues for themselves, their coworkers and/or employees, and your business. Bring in resources that help your team members find their life-life purpose and to appreciate their breaks. Anything from modeling how you value life-life to human resource services that encourages employees to talk about ways that improve their ability to take breaks throughout the day, step away from work during their off hours and even creating engagement opportunities that require employees to take a break.

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