The Essentials of Sleep

Sleep is one of the most essential tasks a person can perform in a day. It sets the stage for their success for the remainder of the following day, and without consistent, deep sleep, serious health concerns may arise. But what does this have to do with your office and establishing and promoting healthy sleep habits for employees?

Some offices go as far as offering nap rooms for their employees. We don’t anticipate seeing a sweeping change in office life to accommodate this – and for many employees, this could raise concerns about work/life balance (such as longer work days). More realistic goals at the office include how employees feel supported by management throughout the day and how they feel about their day-to-day tasks.

Set Realistic Goals & Objectives

In order for employees to remain successful in their jobs, they need to know what goals they are working towards and the tasks that will get them there. There may always be room for one-off requests that upset the nature of the day-to-day, but having an established plan in place is crucial for employee success. And this does tailspin into the rest of their life.

Without an organized plan, employees often spend longer hours at work, feeling as though they didn’t accomplish their day’s tasks. Which in turn leads to evenings spent worrying and thinking about their work duties, waking up throughout the night or staying up late and waking up early to try to get back on track (a track they never had setup).

Give them the right tools

In order to meet any objective there are a series of resources that everyone needs:

  • A network of co-workers assigned to provide direction/support, etc. that are all leading to achieving the same objective
  • Technology that ensures efficiency, tracking, planning, etc. (both hardware technology and software)
  • Appropriate time to complete the tasks (we can all say we want things done faster, but that comes with a sacrifice – typically either the quality of the work, or the cost of the project)

Promotional Products Can Help

Beyond the day-to-day office life, promotional items are also designed with healthy life habits in mind. We’ve broken these out into two categories – promo in the office and promo for the home. Take a look at a few of our favorite products in these categories.

Promo in the Office

  • Noise cancelling and/or full coverage headphones – while collaboration is important, sometimes uninterrupted productivity is king
  • Healthy snacks and treats will keep team members fueled and energized throughout the day, or just give them something sweet to relax with while getting work done
  • Water and coffee – between hydration needs and caffeine needs, you can never have enough of these drinks available and cups and mugs to hold the contents

Promo for the Home

Taking these Ideas to the Next Level

These ideas only begin to scratch the surface of all you can do to help them have a more productive work day, and more relaxing time off. Talk to your Staples representative or explore more ideas on to find items that work for your brand.

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