Let’s talk about improvements in employee health.

This topic seems to get a lot of attention, but not nearly as much follow through from employees. Employee health is a serious issue considering this day-in-age of fast food for lunch, lack of consumption of key nutrients and minimal activity outside of work. If you’re in the habit of going to the nearest fast food restaurant, maybe it’s time to rethink your food choice. If you drive home and go straight to the couch, maybe it’s time to break out the running shoes. No matter which habits you have, a little change can be a good thing.


Promote lunch activities

Instead of eating lunch in front of your computer, maybe grab a healthy to-go snack that you can take on a walk. Getting in this habit can get your adrenaline pumping, and make your day feel like it’s going by faster. Find a buddy, and take on this challenge together.

If you enjoy sporty activities, and don’t want to go outside – try tossing a stress ball around the office during your lunch. You can create games with your employees, and still get more activity than lounging around.


Keep your energy up

When mixed with half a cup of creamer and a cup of sugar your morning cup-of-Joe is going to wear you down by noon. Make an attempt to wean yourself off of the additives, and fill your coffee mug with only coffee. Your energy will skyrocket without the sweet add-ins that aren’t actually healthy for your body.

Making homemade energy bars is a fun way to get started on healthy habits. You can find countless recipes on Pinterest for some tasty, healthy snack bars. You can even create a weekly meal plan, and incorporate your homemade goodies. Energy bars are the perfect treat for any time of the day, plus you can save money by using household ingredients.


Take initiative with your lunch

Make packing lunch a fun activity by preparing weekly meals out of your kitchen. By pre-packing your lunch for the week, you’re less likely to snack throughout the work day. Experiencing a lack of variety in your lunch? Spice things up by making recipes you find online. Experiencing healthier foods could potentially save your body, and the money in your wallet.


Keep up the good work

Getting into a new routine is difficult for anyone, but it will be more rewarding in the long run. There’s no better time than the present to adapt yourself to healthy changes. Don’t be afraid to try those new recipes you see online, and invest in some work out equipment. For more health-inspired products, and ideas you can visit StaplesPromotionalProducts.com.

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