Support the fight

Celebrate survivors and support anyone who has been affected by breast cancer during the month of October with pink products designed to raise awareness. Show the world through facility enrichment that you can come together and celebrate life and awareness with all of these great products. This October you can support the fight for the cure all month throughout your entire facility!


Encouraging Decorations

Beautify your facility with large banners, signs and even balloons to highlight your support for breast cancer awareness. You’ll keep awareness top of mind for everyone who enters your facility while promoting positive brand experiences through decoration and support for pink products.


Unique Gifts

From patients to staff, everyone appreciates a nice gift, especially one that is in support of such an important cause. For patients, consider giving them a branded card guard or leather notebook to help them keep track of mammogram appointments, raising brand awareness and early detection good practices. For staff, a pink scrub set or branded lanyard can be useful in their daily lives while still spreading the word about your commitment to the cure to everyone who enters your facility.


Facility Snacks

Let’s face it, everyone loves free food. Patients and staff alike will appreciate and remember the branded healthy snacks you can provide. Whether as an incentive for participating in a walk or run or just as a small midday reminder of the national cause of October, combining your branding with breast cancer awareness products will signify to all who enter your facility that you really care about raising awareness for this disease.

Whether it be snacks or scarves, dually branded promotional products featuring your brand and the breast cancer awareness branding can support this important cause while keeping your branding in mind for consumers throughout the month of October.

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