Promote your organization, youth group or cause with faith-based marketing.

Your faith-based organization , youth group or cause wants to impact lives. You’re driven by your faith to spread the message of and help as many people as possible. Here’s how to spread the word about your mission and harness the power of faith-based marketing.

Build a community.

The mission of any faith organization, aside from sharing in services, is to create a community for its members. A warm, welcoming environment goes a long way to fostering a place where people feel like they belong. Celebrate your religious community with branded polos that the congregation can wear out into the world, to show non-members that yours is one people are proud to belong to.

Start an outreach program.

Your goal as a faith-based organization, is to bring other people into the fold, prospering and growing as you fulfill your mission. Consider reaching out to prospective members or people in the community with postcards or newsletters by mail, or small items in person.  Be sure to invite them to physically visit your organization.  They’ll feel welcomed and comfortable when they arrive.

Consider your brand.

Like businesses, every organization has a brand. Are you a casual facility where everyone is welcome to come as they are, or do you have a formal arrangement? Do you have a logo or tagline? If not, consider having a talented member of your community make one. Incorporate brand items into all your materials to create memorable impressions.

Recognize the scope of your mission.

Nearly 118 million Americans, or 40% of the population attend religious services every week. Faith-based marketing has the potential for huge growth. By taking a few steps, you can reap the benefits, and show many more people why your organization is so great.