Fitster. The fit hipster.

You’ve definitely seen a fitster. Maybe on YouTube, a Pinterest post, the Instagram hashtag (or a million Instagram posts). They’re everywhere and they are redefining the terms of health and fitness.

My friend and co-worker Micah Ary sent me an article a few months back on fitsters suggesting that we write a blog about them and I became obsessed. I want to be a fitster. In October my friend Ashley Roedel got me hooked on a health & wellness program that truly changed everything I believe about health. My basement is now a home gym. The focus of all my social media accounts are health & wellness, and I grocery shop and eat out while actively checking MyFitnessPal for macros and calorie data.

What’s so great about fitsters is how they show us that healthy living is easy and fun.

Fitsters aren’t following a fad (we’ve had gyms and fitness lovers forever) and they aren’t cutting out crazy food groups or creating insane eating plans (at least not all of them). But they are finding ways to make their everyday life ultra-beneficial. They read anything and everything about how different foods impact their bodies, they create new ways to answer their sweet or savory tooth (I’m really jealous of those who have conquered their sweet tooth), and the gym is to them what the bar is to others.

While I am nowhere near the true fitster level, I’m tagging along like a younger sibling and eating up their habits and sharing their interests from afar. Whether it’s gym-rats, home gym experts, tough mudders, yogis or some mix of all the above, there’s something for everyone. So, how do you find a way to connect and engage with this booming audience?

Aesthetics is as important as function.

This group wants something that works AND looks great. Even better, they want things that are multipurpose. If they’re out running, or in a gym session, they need to have as few loose items as possible. Find a product that is an all-in-one they can use non-stop.

Comfort & support.

Fitsters are ACTIVE. This is not the athleisure group; they do a variety of activities all day every day. They want water and protein on hand at any moment. They want to be able to move from work to workout with minimal transition time. Give them something to make that easier for them.

Travel in style.

They travel for to enjoy the experience, not just the relaxation. The relaxation comes through a day trek to the hilltop where they join a yoga retreat in the afternoon, camp that night and get up early to yoga and hike back.

Socialize them.

Every fitster knows they’re only as good as their social presence. And their social presence is about 80% selfies of their excursions and/or their successes. Make their profiles reflect you too. Whether it’s how they share their messages, or what they’re sharing and wearing, hop on the bandwagon.

This list could go on endlessly. Check out our Pinterest board on Health & Wellness for more Fitster (and other fitness-lovers) ideas.