The adventures of a typical flash drive.

It came in to life in the usual way. A fabrication process repeated thousands of times a day in a dedicated factory created a flash drive, maybe one like this.  But this is no ordinary 64GB thumb drive. This one is special – it’s emblazoned with your logo. Let’s call it Frank.

Fast forward a few days and our humble hero is in a box with dozens of identical flash drives headed to your location. But that’s far from Frank the flash drive’s final destination.

At your location an intern takes Frank out of the box and plugs him into a computer, loading him and all the others like him with a capabilities presentation about your company. And then it’s right back into the box.

You’re headed for a tradeshow and our flash drive is the star of the show – the giveaway in your booth. At the booth Frank is placed in a container on your table as you chat with clients and potential customers. All around our hero, grasping fingers are grabbing up flash drives. And then it happens – someone grabs Frank.

He’s dropped into a bag with other swag and giveaways, each logoed with a company’s name. There’s a pen from a competitor, a flashlight from a partner and a stress ball from regulatory agency. Each has a story to tell about their brand and what it represents.

A few hours later Frank is removed from the bag and finds himself in an office building. He’s inserted into a computer and his new owner watches the capabilities presentation. And soon he needs to transfer some data for an office mate.  Frank is just the thing!

The colleague takes Frank and uses him at her computer. She loads him with more data and passes him on to a client.

This client uses Frank for a while sharing presentations and storing data, finding convenience in his portability. But one day he takes Frank home, where his daughter, headed off to college, swipes him out of her dad’s briefcase.

She loads him with music and takes it off to the dorm with her, where he’s passed around yet again, sharing documents, movies and more.

Until one weekend near the end of the year, he finds his way into the hands of a graduating senior. As luck would have it, this senior is about to start a job with a company in your industry.  He attaches Frank to his keys, because it’s always useful to have a flash drive on hand, and uses it to store his important data.

And then one day, his boss tasks him with finding a solution to a problem the company is facing, something your company just happens to provide.  And by chance, his eye falls on Frank, still bearing your logo.

Hopping on the computer, he pulls up your website and discovers you offer the perfect solution. He makes a call and you’ve got yourself a new customer.

As for Frank, he rides off into the sunset, changing hands over and over again, spreading the gospel of your brand to everyone he encounters.  Because that’s what logoed flash drives do.