The food movement can feed your stomach and your brand.

Do you know the difference between sour cream and crème fraiche? Does a great meal demand to be photographed and posted to social media? Can you name more than three celebrity chefs?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then there’s a good chance you’re part of the hottest trend out there – you’re a gourmand (or, as some may call it, a *shudder* “foodie.”)

And if you are, then you already know you’re not alone, that more and more people are taking high-quality ingredients and well-prepared dishes out of fancy restaurants and into their homes. They’re tuning in to the Food Network to actually learn something, instead of just making fun of Guy Fieri’s hair. They have favorites on Top Chef and can tell if your salmon is overcooked at a glance. The food movement is here and it’s everywhere.

But if you’re not in the restaurant or hospitality industry, it doesn’t really affect your business, right? WRONG.

The shift towards fine dining and home gourmet cooking is a great opportunity for any organization to show off its brand. For example, any home cook worth his salt, will have fresh herbs and vegetables on hand. What better way to impress dinner guests than with produce grown from Seed Flower Plantable Paper imprinted with your logo?

And no meal would be complete without wine. Why settle for boring old wine glasses when you can drink from a vessel that not only helps the planet, but also disadvantaged Americans? Usful Glassworks uses people with employment barriers to manufacture tumblers from recycled glass.

Leftovers are no problem either. How else will all of your coworkers marvel at your culinary prowess if you don’t bring the rest of last night’s lobster risotto for lunch? And to simply slop it into dingy old Tupperware just won’t do. You need food storage as elegant as your dish. A beautifully logoed lunchbox is just the thing.

From knives and cutting boards to immersion blenders, beer growlers to gourmet chocolate, there are endless ways to insert your brand into the culinary discussion. For more ideas on how to capitalize on food culture, download our 2016 Idea Book.

Bon appetit!